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                The Company develops custom medical robotic and automation solutions to improve health care through the intelligent application of technology.

                Three generations of iconic space robotic systems have established the Company as a world leader in safety-critical, high-reliability technology. This work has driven a new generation of advanced Earth-based robotics for medical applications based on a rigorous process of innovation, system engineering, operational analysis, accelerated design, and best practices for safety-critical operating environments.

                IGAR  Credit CSii
                image credit: CSii

                NeuroArm Surgery
                image credit: University of Calgary

                MRI COMPATIBLE ROBOTICS, DEVICES AND TOOLS: systems to operate inside challenging environments

                Systems to provide precise positioning of tools capable of operating inside the challenging environment of the MRI bore. Project neuroArm created a two armed tele-operated robotic system capable of performing neurosurgery. With the ability to scale motion, reduce tremor and provide haptic feedback, neuroArm can enhance a surgeon’s ability to perform delicate procedures.

                IMAGE GUIDED AUTOMATED SOLUTIONS: connecting medical imagery to technology

                Connecting medical imagery such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to intervention to simplify minimally invasive intervention. The Image Guided Robot project (IGAR) is a small, dexterous robot that enables remote manipulation of devices inside an Magnetic Resonance (RM) bore based on MRI image data.

                MEDICAL DEVICE PRODUCT DEFINITION AND DEVELOPMENT: creating innovative solutions for the real world

                The Company's expertise is capable of identifying needs, core value propositions, creating innovative solutions and implementing them in the real world. Synaptive’s BrightMatter drive project took a high-level concept of automating device positioning during neurosurgery, and created a product that seamlessly delivers a high-quality view of the surgical site to the surgeon with the press of a button.