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                New Products

                ?The Company provides intelligent robotic solutions that increase productivity and reduce human exposure in uncertain and hazardous environments.

                Based on its decades of experience in orbital and space exploration robotic systems, ?the Company develops and delivers complete safety-critical robotic solutions for three broad market areas: security, advanced manufacturing, and unmanned vehicles. Robotic solutions for these markets are ideally suited to operating in semi-structured environments that can capitalize on a robot’s ability to capture real-time visual and sensor information for its operator, and to perform repeatable operations within changing or high-risk environments. ?The Company is a leading proponent of soft automation, in which robotic solutions work alongside humans in a complementary manner.

                SECURITY: solutions for law enforcement, military and first responders
                EPOCH?The Company's solutions for law enforcement and military first responders reduce the response timelines and increase safety when operating unmanned robotic platforms in hazardous, confined and contaminated (chemical, radiation) environments. Operator support systems process data and images from on-board devices to produce rich graphical event descriptions and real-time analytics to enable more efficient and effective threat mitigation. Robot driver support systems assist in challenging terrain, reduce operator workload, and help to maintain high-tempo response.
                MINING AUTOMATION: solutions for underground mining to improve mining productivity
                Tripod Mount?The Company provides data acquisition and autonomy solutions for underground mining that improve the mine productivity, while reducing labour costs?. The company's Instant Mine Modeler (iMM) creates photo-realistic 3D models from image sequences of mine faces and registers the models in the mine coordinate system using survey stations. Automatic image acquisition and processing provide results for review within minutes. The Modeler annotates geological information to 3D models at the mine face, and all information can be imported to mine management systems for detailed analysis.

                ?The Company's Underground Global Positioning System (UGPS) delivers accurate real time positioning of mobile equipment in underground environments, without the need for a dedicated infrastructure. Operators and dispatchers can observe and track the real time location of all mobile underground assets on a global mine-wide scale.
                UNMANNED VEHICLES: autonomous guidance and navigation for commercial off-road vehicles

                ?The Company's unmanned vehicle technologies provide autonomous guidance and navigation for commercial off-road vehicles ranging in size from an ATV to a 25-ton Load-Haul-Dump underground mining truck. Video image sequences and LiDAR scans are processed and fused with inertial sensor data enabling localization in GPS-denied environments such as underground mine tunnels, building interiors and planetary surfaces. Automatically learned paths can be replayed during multiple traversals. Hazard detection and avoidance, and terrain assessment prevents collisions with static and dynamic objects or unsafe maneuvers.   

                3D IMAGING AND VISION SYSTEMS: vision systems for space and terrestrial needs
                ?The Company's vision systems provide planners, robotic operators, and autonomous control systems with information about operational surroundings in environments that range from low Earth orbit, geosynchronous orbit, planetary and lunar surfaces, nuclear power and waste facilities, scenes contaminated by hazardous chemical or radioactive substances, and surgical theatres. Such information includes photorealistic 3D models or 2D maps augmented with measurements from additional devices, traversed paths and current locations of robotic vehicles, ensures situational awareness enabling planning and monitoring of robotic operations. ?The Company's solutions provide positional and orientation determination for applications such as the handling and manipulation of objects, or rendezvous and docking procedures between terrestrial or space vehicles. They play roles in localization systems for GPS-deprived environments to visually determine the position of ground vehicles, and serve as hazard detection systems for manipulators, ground vehicles, and planetary landing craft. ?The Company designs its vision systems to handle the rigours of demanding and hazardous operating environments.
                INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION: reduce production costs and increase quality by automating manual processes

                ?The Company is focusing on aircraft manufacturing and servicing sectors to reduce production costs and increase quality by automating current manual processes. Collaborative robots equipped with vision and force sensing are integrated in flexible automation cells suitable for short production runs with minimum custom fixtures or infrastructure. Collision detection and safety systems enable deployments next to human workers or sensitive structures.   

                A proven project development model encompasses current and expected workflow analysis, business case analysis, system design and development, deployment, field evaluation and support requirements analysis to address the needs of operational users and satisfy the economic demands of business. ?The Company and its network of industrial and academic partners incorporate advanced guidance, navigation, control solutions, and vision-guided localization solutions to create user-focused, safe, and reliable solutions.