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                MDA advocates flexibility in communications satellite payload design and performance, and is a leading developer of advanced technologies that enable flexible power and bandwidth distribution in FSS, BSS, MSS, and HTS satellites.

                MDA’s flexible payload heritage dates to the 2004 launch of the world’s first DVB-RCS compliant processor on the ANIK F2 satellite. Today, the company’s flexible payload designs embrace a range of capabilities, capacities, and functions that include basic channelizers, regenerative routers, time domain switching, up to full payload flexibility.

                The digital component of a flexible payload is key in terms of functionality and efficiency, but it requires equally flexible RF and antenna systems for optimal performance. MDA provides flexible, standalone payloads as well as integrated payload, RF, and antenna solutions for C-, X-, Ku-, and Ka-band applications, as well as V-band solutions for both commercial and defence programs.

                MDA’s ASIC and FPGA (software defined) technologies provide digital systems tailored to specific mission requirements, supported by powerful resource management software that enables maximum power and bandwidth efficiency from the spectrum and power resources available.

                ANIK F2 KA-BAND SPACECRAFT
                Image Credit: Photo courtesy of Telesat